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Since 2011 Vahan Tekeyan School in Berdzor (Artsakh) has been included into the list of beneficiaries of Tekeyan Centre Fund, and, likewise the other four Tekeyan Schools in Yerevan, Gyumri, Karbi and Stepanavan, it has been participating in all the projects of the Fund.

On September 19, the Chair of Tekeyan Centre Fund Mr Vartan Ouzounian who had arrived in Yerevan on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Tekeyan Centre, left for Artsakh to visit Berdzor School No1 after V. Tekeyan.

In his welcoming speech,  Mr Ouzounian congratulated the Tekeyan School on the new academic year.

The Chairman wished the pupils a successful year and new achievements, and he wished the teaching staff great enthusiasm to do their important and patriotic duty.

On behalf of Tekeyan Centre Fund, Mr Ouzounian praised the teachers’ outstanding contribution to the development of the Armenian nation, and he thanked them for educating generations in very difficult conditions and for performing their mission with high sense of responsibility.

In her turn, the principle of the school, Mrs Anahit Qosakyan, thanked the Chairman for supporting all Tekeyan schools both morally and financially. Various projects of the Fund inspire not only Tekeyan schoolchildren but also teachers and help to make friendship and to unite all Tekeyan members in a big family.

During his visit to school, Mr Ouzounian enquired about the school achievements and success as well as the problems. In fact, the school faces many problems that should be solved urgently. The Fund’s Chairman walked around the school and saw its terrible state (i.e. the leaking roof, destroyed staircases and floor, no asphalt road to school and the most important issue – no running water).

According to the teachers, the school library needs to be enriched (there is a lack of dictionaries, encyclopedias and fiction). The school also needs laboratory equipment that will enable children to make chemical, physical and other experiments.

Mr Ouzounian was sorry to see Tekeyan School in such a critical situation, so he promised that Tekeyan Centre Fund would do its best to improve Berdzor School.

On the same day, the Chairman visited another school in Artsakh, the school in Vanq village, to make a comparison. Fortunately, not all schools in Artsakh are in terrible state. The Vanq School has completely been reconstructed lately. Now both teachers and children can enjoy all the necessary school conditions which promote the educational process and secure new achievements.

So, Tekeyan Centre Fund turns to Armenians all over the world to participate in the Fund’s fundraising to help the Tekeyan School in Artsakh.

Make your contribution to the school reconstruction as the school is the power of the Armenian nation, and here sincere patriotism and moral qualities are taught to our children.

For making a contribution, please contact Tekeyan Centre Fund (

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