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       On June 7, Mr Kamo Areyan, Deputy Mayor of Yerevan, received the Chair of Tekeyan Centre Fund Mr Vartan Ouzounian, Fund’s Director Mr Armen Tsulikyan and ABBC Director Mrs Armine Israyelyan to discuss some important issues concerning Yerevan city and Tekeyan Centre.
First of all Mr Ouzounian presented briefly the history and recent activities of Tekeyan Centre. The Chair also touched upon the goals and projects of the Fund as well as its beneficiary schools and the problems they face. The Deputy Mayor highly appreciated the role and the mission of the Fund in the development of national culture and education, particularly in the education of younger generation. Mr Areyan willingly accepted the offer of cooperation with the Fund and promised that Yerevan Municipality would support the Fund’s school projects as far as possible.

        At the meeting the parties spoke not only about Tekeyan Centre Fund but also about Tekeyan Business Centre. Here the main issue discussed was the problem of abandoned areas around Tekeyan Centre. According to the Fund’s Director, Tekeyan Centre usually maintains and improves its territory. But the spaces that are in charge of Yerevan Municipality and are not the property of Tekeyan Centre or of any other organization, are in critical situation. In connection with the above Tekeyan representatives offered to undertake the arrangement of green spaces as well as the illumination matters in the neighbourhood of Tekeyan Centre and to prevent these areas from being abandoned or from turning into cafes.
        Mr Ouzounian also reminded the Deputy about the Yerevan Municipality decision of 1997 to name the neighbourhood of Tekeyan Centre /from Vardan Mamikonian monument to Sayat-Nova Str./ after Vahan Tekeyan. Unfortunately, up to now the decision has not been fulfilled by the government. And now Tekeyan Centre suggests that all Yerevan maps, official guides and tourist handbooks contain this information. Besides, a special street sign should be fixed in the mentioned part.
        Mr Areyan confirmed that the decision hadn’t been changed and he agreed with the above statements and suggestions. Mr Ouzounian made another offer, i. e. to erect a monument to the great Armenian poet in the neighbourhood of Tekeyan Centre /this idea had been discussed and approved by TCF Board of Trustees/. In response to the idea Tekeyan representatives got the approval of Yerevan Municipality and even the offer of cooperation in implementing the project.
        Then the parties touched upon the issues discussed at the recent meeting of Yerevan Mayor and ABBC member organizations. The urgent problem was Yerevan botanical gardens. As per Mr Ouzounian, Tekeyan Centre Fund is willing to make its contribution to the reconstruction of botanical gardens which are in critical situation. Tekeyan Centre would also try to find supporters both in Armenia and Britain to realize the project. The Deputy Mayor was grateful to the Fund for caring for Yerevan city for doing its best to make it a better place to live.

        A few days later, on June 17, Deputy Mayor Mr Areyan visited Tekeyan Centre to have a detailed discussion of the above issues with Tekeyan Fund’s Director Mr Tsulikyan. The parties saw around the territory nearby Tekeyan Centre and even decide on the place Vahan Tekeyan monument should be erected. They also discussed the problems of green spaces, illumination and others. Thus, at the meeting the parties came to an agreement to cooperate for the benefits of Yerevan city. The Deputy Mayor promised to send an official note to the Fund confirming the verbal decisions of both sides and the cooperation between Yerevan Municipality and Tekeyan Centre Fund.

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