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       For many years the Tekeyan Cultural Association has been awarding prizes to talented artists presenting various fields. The year 2010 was not an exception. And yesterday the annual award “Vahan Tekeyan” took place at Tekeyan Centre. The Minister of Culture, the Minister of Diaspora, other representatives of the government, many artists, and critics were present at the ceremony which started with Archbishop Kchoyan’s blessing. The Estrada-Symphony Orchestra of the Public Radio of Armenia conducted by the Honoured Art Worker, composer Yervand Yerznkyan secured festive mood.
       Ruben Mirzakhanyan, the Chair of the TCA of Armenia, presented the list of 2010 winners confirmed by the expert commission. He also noted that “Vahan Tekeyan” award should never end as it played an important role in the cultural life of the Armenian nation, and such kind of events and competitions could be an inspiration to young artists.

 The 2010 winners of “Vahan Tekeyan” award in nine nominations were:

1. fiction – Gurgen Khanjyan
2. painting – Karen Aghamyan
3. sculpture – Zaven Koshtoyan
4. radio and television – Anahit Tadevosyan
5. music – Stepan Sukiasyan
6. socio-political humour – Michael Poghosyan
7. theatre – Ruben Muradyan
8. the best publication in the “Azg” daily – Anahit Hovsepyan
9. works of literature for children – Suren Muradyan

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