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  The Lord Byron School in Gyumri hasn’t had heating for sixteen years now. Unfortunately, the cutting-edge, computer controlled heating system installed in the building by the British constructors did not survive the energy crisis of the 1990s, a problem compounded by difficulty getting the specialist parts and expertise required. The system is beyond economic repair. The situation causes interruptions in the educational process since many students do not attend classes because of cold. Though the school building is warmed by small electric heaters installed in the classrooms (and not in every one), they do not secure the required temperature. The great problem forces many students to transfer to other schools and the number of students decreases year by year. Eventually the school will stop functioning.

The British Embassy, London Tekeyan Trust and Tekeyan Centre Fund are concerned about the future of the Lord Byron School and now fundraising to install a new, simple and cost effective heating system which should allow the school to decide flexibly which areas to heat, to save costs and make the building sustainable.

The total cost of the project is about AMD 11,000,000; a part of the funds required has already been raised. To be able to implement the project completely and save the school, we invite generous benefactors both in Armenia and abroad to support the project

“Heating System
for the Lord Byron School in Gyumri”

Please make your donations to Tekeyan Centre Fund or the Tekeyan Trust London (and label the payment “Byron School”):

In Armenia

           Bank: HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC                                           
           Account name: TEKEYAN CENTRE FUND    
           USD Account no: 001-008820-101
           AMD Account no: 001-008820-002
           Swift code: MIDLAM22

In the UK 

           Bank: Barclays Bank PLC                                                             
           Account name: THE TEKEYAN TRUST 
           Sterling account no: 50773093
           Sort code: 20-68-79
           SWIFT BIC: BARCGB22
           IBAN: GB35 BARC 2068 7950 7730 93



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