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Berdzor, the administrative centre of Kashatagh, is of great

importance both to Armenia and Karabagh

since it serves as a strategic corridor connecting the two


With population growth in Berdzor, many problems arise

which need to be solved urgently to avoid migration.

One of the most important issues is the problem of

schools where generations are educated.

Berdzor (Kashatagh) School #1 which was named

after Vahan Tekeyan two years ago,

was built in the Soviet period and since then it

hasn’t been reconstructed.



The war in Karabagh caused great damage to

the school building,

especially to the roof which is leaking and is

in critical situation now.

The doors and the windows should be changed 

to keep the building warm in winter.

The classrooms and laboratories are also in poor state;

the walls and the floor as well as the furniture should be repaired and renewed. 


The steps leading to the school are completely ruined.

And the most important thing is the insanitary conditions: no running water and no toilets inside the school.

Instead, there is an Asian construction outside which serves as a toilet both for children and teachers.


 To save Vahan Tekeyan School #1 in Berdzor (Kashatagh, Karabagh), please make your donations to:


Our deepest gratitude for your support and belief in Tekeyan Centre Fund
for the benefits of our younger generation.

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